Keeping it Fresh

In this age of changing social mores and emerging technology every person and business is in a constant state of renewal and reinvention. Corporations are rebranding in an effort to fit the present economic climate and PR teams across the business sector work tirelessly to bring their companies’ identities and mission statements in line with current trends.

So basically, the best way to get out of the mid-winter blues is reinvention, but what are the best methods of achieving this on a personal level? Overcoming the wind and exceedingly disgusting amounts of snow is difficult in itself, but Punxsutawney Phil has called for Old Man Winter’s exit—it’s just a matter of time. With the change of season a transition comes more naturally.

An easy way to reinvent oneself is as simple as getting a new haircut. Sure it might be a little impractical to cut my hair short in winter, but it can’t be as bad as starving myself in order to model during Fashion Week. Other simple methods are finding a few new (or rediscovered) clothes or finding somewhere new. Though these work for quick and easy improvements, the trick is encouraging more permanent and positive changes.

With the recent upset in the Astrological Signs, perhaps attention is best shifted to the Chinese Zodiac where the year has recently shifted to that of the rabbit. As my sign tells me, I’m prone to “…to seek new adventures,” so it’s only natural that I look for something different. Thankfully my return to work at MTC has brought a new show, and thus new people walk right into my life… or at least up to my window.

Perhaps one walk we should all be doing is the Egyptian. Never before in our generation have we seen an insurrection like that being demonstrated in Egypt. As the protest strengthens and President Hosni Mubarak foolishly refuses to leave the country, international support begins to favor the people of Egypt. But could the people of the United States ever unite in such strength?

Demonstrations continue frequently in Washington, D.C. and across the country, but nothing that rivals the call for democracy heard in Egypt. Our nation’s history remembers people who have called for change and marched down streets demanding action. The pulse of change thrums though the country now, but our complacency keeps us operating as zombies in a haze of news feeds and monotony.

Hopefully that spirit of revolt can break the fog and the Year of the Rabbit will be one of self-discovery and adventure. Now that the weather finally begins to warm, I can feel a new pace coming, and I’m excited for it, because before I know it that quarter-century celebration and the end of the world will be at my doorstep, and then I’ll really have something to worry about.


~ by Geoffrey on 10 February 2011.

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