Spring in the city

This entry originally appeared on The Post (www.thepostsd.com) on March 13, 2010.

After a two-week hiatus from the theatre, I am back behind the table working on the production of Glass House as the stage manager. Though I enjoyed some quieter evenings with my friends and roommates and a couple of nights at the theatre, I’m glad to be involved with another project. Without something to do during the evenings, life quickly becomes stagnant and monotonous.

Despite the countless adventures I go on during my off hours, nothing compares to the fun and hard work of mounting a production. Though there are days when I want to stay in my bed and avoid going anywhere, I know that through all the difficulties, I couldn’t be happier. After all, I’m working in my field in a career that I enjoy. A year ago, I was finishing up my undergraduate degree at South Dakota State University and preparing to work all summer in anticipation of my ultimate move. Now, I’m enjoying a night off before I go back to the theatre where I’m still stumbling to get the show running smoothly. After being quickly promoted to stage manager in the midst of tech, I’m scrambling to accept my battlefield promotion and call the show while dodging the bullets of missed cues and late entrances. Thankfully I have a supportive production crew to call on for backup should the need arise.

With friends graduating around the country as summer begins to creep across our nation, I’m amazed that I’ve already been out of school for a year. I can recall rushing to finish those last minute projects while planning my farewell to Brookings. Upon reflection, there are aspects of my life back at dear, old SDSU I long for. Late nights at Jim’s Tap and early mornings at the Performing Arts Center on campus have been replaced by 3 a.m. subway rides home and 15-hour days at the theatre.

I guess not much has changed. Instead of avoiding course work, immersing myself in school functions and spending countless hours at Doner Auditorium, my days are filled with work, rehearsal and seeing shows. There are still nights I stay out too late and mornings when I get up too early. Coffee remains a habitual need and I sometimes have more fun than I should. Despite the year that’s passed and the thousand-or-so miles I’ve traveled from home, these old habits seem to have stuck. I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now as a new class embarks on its journey into the unknown of adult life, I can’t help but feel at least a little proud of the work I’ve done since I walked down the aisle at graduation, packed my diploma in a box and skipped town. In half a year, I’ve managed to get my life together enough to enjoy a great job, make some awesome friends and find a theatre family.  Though it seems easy, there have been moments when I questioned my decision to drop everything and move away. But through those moments I always enjoyed the encouragement of my family here and in the Midwest.

As spring wears on, and summer (hopefully) comes out of hiding, I look forward to another year of life in the real world. With two busy weeks looming in the forecast, I feel a sense of dread at the lack of sleep I’m about to endure. But, despite all the craziness and heaps of stress, I still have an insatiable desire to continue on the great adventure of life in the big city and see what’s just over the horizon.


~ by Geoffrey on 13 March 2010.

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